About me

Tobias Grobe
expertise Kopie

My expertise

Since the first big hype of the electric mobility in 2008, I’ve been working in this field, especially on the topic of battery technology. I worked mainly in the western markets (Europe and North America). During this time I have been able to gain a lot of experience on various projects. I would be happy to contribute this knowledge for you.

As a graduated systems engineer, I connect specialists from different subjects like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology, IT and, of course, business administration all for the successful implementation of your product development or project.

I feel good on international terrain, I’m interculturally competent and work globally. However, the project language should be German or English.

maxime Kopie

My ambitions

I’m very much in favor of the electric mobility for the big picture of reducing the consumption of fossil fuels as this is not only bad for the environment but also limited.

There are still many hurdles to overcome. Especially in the field of battery technology. I see a high potential in the further development in energy storage capacity, weight and especially costs. Improving this step by step is fundamental in order to keep the  electric mobility growing.

Hence, my passion is to further develop the battery technology in order to make the new mobility accessible to everyone and thus relieve our environment.

The fact that this market is picking up speed, motivates and strengthens me in what I’m doing.

company Kopie

My company

I founded this company to pass on my knowledge, improve products, accelerate developments and faster carry out e-mobility projects.

As in any business, so it is here as well; knowledge is key to advancement and success. 

I would like to enable other companies to act faster and more successfully on the market through the connection of experts, assessment of realistic forecasts and professional actions.

I will contribute to your success. So we can all can benefit.